Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dick Tracy

Been watching 60s Dick Tracy cartoons on Netflix. I remembered liking them as a kid and still dig the stylized reinterpretations of the Gould villains, so I decided to draw them.

The show is seen asunacceptable today because of stereotype characters like Joe Jitsu up there. Back then I'd have rather seen Tracy fight the villains himself than send one of his comic relief sidekicks, but the Joe Jitsu shorts were the least disappointing to ten-year-old me. Eventually I started to like and look forward to Joe, I assume 'cause he was a polite little guy in glasses who could beat anyone up.

EDIT: Here's a color version. I used a 64-color old time comics palette for this, . I'd link to it and credit who made it -- pretty sure it was a webcomics person -- but I don't remember who it was. EDIT: It came from CO2 Comics via Ed Piskor.


joel wyatt said...

You made Nuclear Man art. And lots of toes.

You are my god.

Paul Salvi said...

Ha! Glad to be of service. Thanks for checking out the place. : )