Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She-Hulk Cover for Marvel Too

My latest contribution to the DC Fifty-Too project -- they're doin' Marvel now! Lots of great entries, check it out!


ross said...

looks awesome!! but what in god's name is she wearing in the Marvel box in the upper left?!

i wish i could do a Marvel one too! i'd love to do a Sleepwalker or Marrow + Feral Team-Up or Domino: Lazy Ninja cover, but i don't have the time. :(

Paul Salvi said...

Thank you!

I actually mentioned your love of Sleepwalker in the contributors' Google group and suggested that someone pester you about doing something.

Haha, the costume in the corner was meant to look like what Brigitte Neilsen wore in those publicity pics of her as She-Hulk, but I didn't bother actually looking at it first and it ended up being not-very-accurate.

Reid said...

Saw this at the Fifty-Too Project, really nice work. I'd read it!

Paul Salvi said...

Thanks man!