Thursday, March 15, 2012

Redundant Ladybug For Thing Which is Over

I drew Ladybug foot-flingin' snowballs for Comic Creators For Freedom -- without looking at all of the website, which would have informed me that the jam poster I drew this for was completed and printed ages ago. I'm a stupid baby.

I still fully support CCFF even though they mildly inconvenienced me through no fault of their own.


ross said...

haha, you nut!! how did you mess that up?? did you see the Shadoweyes i drew for CCFF? Ladybug looks awesome, in any case.

Paul Salvi said...


This whole thing was actually precipitated by the Ross and Nick podcast where you guys talked about Paper Wings. I gave some of those a listen, heard Paper Wings lady mention the CCFF site and poster, Googled it, breezed right past the home page to the submission page, and here we are.